• Credit for Life

QSCP Partners: Thank you for your continued support!

Mission Statement:

Quincy School ~ Community Partners come in all shapes and sizes. We have Fortune 500 companies who have been sending mentors into our schools for years. We have local “mom and pop” establishments who help out with school cleanups and bring the pizza to feed everyone when the library at a particular school is newly painted. There is a place for you and your business, regardless of your size or how you wish to give!

Depending on your business’ participation ability, we have four different components to which to contribute. We also have four different levels of giving. This means that regardless of how you want to give, or the level you are able to give, we really do have a program that is tailored to your individual business giving needs.

Partnership Options:

  • Student Support
  • Site Support
  • Career Connections
  • President’s Path

  • Platinum Level Partner
  • Gold Level Partner
  • Silver Level Partner
  • Bronze Level Partner

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John K. Fagerlund

Coordinator of Quincy Public School ~ Community Partnership