Callahan Construction / Trades Beyond the Bell

Callahan Construction, an Executive Level Sponsor ($10,000.00) of the Quincy School Community Partnership, has been a prominent QSCP partner for the past four years. Callahan’s generosity and support of Quincy Public Schools Career Vocational and Technical Education students is unparalleled. Callahan-sponsored initiatives include:

  • Women in the Trades Summit
  • Summer Internships for Students
  • Student Visitations to Construction Sites
  • Program Advisory Team participation, and
  • Participation on the Quincy Public Schools Outstanding

CVTE Student of the Year Interview Team. This year, Callahan Construction sponsored an exciting new initiative, Trades Beyond the Bell. This 10-week after school program was for students currently enrolled in Quincy High Schools Career Vocational and Technical Education program and included the following trades: Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies. Trades Beyond the Bell provided hands-on engagement, safety awareness, technical skills, as well as 40 additional program shop hours for plumbers and electricians. Approximately 25 students enrolled in the program. Special thanks to Callahan Construction for being a devoted and generous partner of the Quincy School ~ Community Partnership.