Innovation Learning Team Grant Awards

Each year, thanks to the generosity and support of our local community business partners, the Quincy School ~ Community Partnership awards grant funds to Quincy Public Schools professional staff. To date, approximately $460,000.00 has been awarded.

Purpose: The purpose of the 2020-2021 competitive Innovative Learning Grant was to support Quincy Public Schools professional staff in designing and developing digital lessons, which support digital/remote learning and are reflective of the curriculum.

Priorities:  Applicants created a minimum of three sequential digital lessons, which included three innovative hands-on learning activities. Applicants also created a Digital Learning Grant Assessment tool.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants included all Quincy Public Schools professional staff.

Funding: Teams, consisting of 3-5 professional staff members, received a stipend of $2,500.00 to be shared equally amongst team members. Up to fourteen teams could be awarded grant funds totalling $35,000.00.

Fund Use: Grant funds must be used to design and develop digital lessons including engaging, hands-on activities consistent with all systemwide/ state requirements. Grant Teams awarded funding are required to share their Digital Learning Grant with grade level peers across the city.


Congratulations to the 10 teams of teachers (representing all grade levels) whose grants were selected for funding. Areas of focus included: Zones of Regulation (coping skills), Social Emotional Learning, Evolution of Atomic Theory, the Earth’s Water System, Camouflage – Changing to Hide, Abstract Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism, Function of the Digestive System, Understanding Multiplication, and Density, Heat, Transfer and Phase Changes.