Mini Grant Funds funded Broad Meadows After School STEM Club

Thank you for the mini-grant funds for our BMMS Afterschool STEM Club! We were able to invite 15 students for ten sessions of afterschool STEM. During those sessions students: determined melting and boiling points of butter, experimented with pH and ways to change pH, learned to use a hammer and create string art decorations, designed, built, and modified catapults to knock down marshmallow structures, and folded origami frogs and designed a basket for their frogs to carry sweetheart candy to a target. Through these activities students were learning, exploring, and discovering science, technology, engineering, math and art concepts all while having a blast! Because of your mini-grant funds we were able to purchase hot plates, thermometers, hammers, sand paper, wood, cooking supplies, and much more that will continue to be used by students and last for years to come. Thank you very much for funding our requests.