Quincy’s Early College High School Pathway Program

“The Early College High School Pathway is a unique opportunity for current Quincy Public Schools students to prepare themselves for college success while they are still in high school. Built on the collaborative partnership between Quincy College and Quincy Public Schools, the College is excited to offer opportunities for college credit and academic pathways for students in the City of Quincy. Quincy College recognizes that a combination of academic and non-academic support, ongoing guidance, and college readiness techniques are essential to our students’ success.”

~ Richard DeCristofaro, Ed.D., President of Quincy College

Special thanks to Quincy College, a generous and dedicated partner of the Quincy School ~ Community Partnership for their continued support of Quincy Public Schools students. Quincy College continues to make a difference by offering QPS students Dual Enrollment, Career Vocational & Technical Education (CVTE) Pathways, College Night/ Financial Aid Night, On-the- Spot Admissions, Staff Professional Development and Training, Summer Courses for students, and now Early College High School Pathway, where 150 students are currently enrolled. Thank you Quincy College for playing an essential role in the educational journey of Quincy Public Schools students.